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First Time Tarot

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

The air was heavy with mid-summer heat, as clouds gathered in promise of a coming storm. The car windows were open to catch the slight breeze as I bumped along a narrow dirt road, searching for the address I’d taped to the dash. There it was—the number I was looking for stenciled on a big white mailbox atop its sturdy pole on the right, marking the edge of a driveway leading into the woods.

I took the turn, enjoying the coolness surrounding me as I drove into the canopy of trees, relishing the scents of nature wafting through the windows. Just ahead in a small clearing I could see the house—a small, weathered clapboard cottage fronted by a welcoming porch ablaze with potted flowers. As I parked the car and stepped onto a graveled area, I smiled at the inviting gardens surrounded the structure, woven through with walking paths and bird feeders. I felt as though I’d just arrived in a delicious fairy tale—the perfect setting for my first ever Tarot reading.

I was excited and a bit apprehensive as I started up the brick path toward the house. I’d been given Darcy’s name and number by the friend of a friend when I mentioned that I was interested in having a reading, but I really didn’t know anything about Tarot. I’d made the appointment to have my “fortune told”, but wasn’t sure what to expect.

The heavy front door swung open to a lovely lady with big almond eyes and dark hair knotted atop her head. She wore a colorful kaftan and a warm smile that just exuded kindness. “Welcome! Come right in!”, she bade as I reached the porch landing, and I eagerly stepped through the doorway.

Darcy led me through a beautiful window lined room, filled with comfy seating and an enormous fireplace, down a short hallway and into an enchanting little den. There were floor to ceiling bookcases flanking a cozy window seat, holding well worn books, gorgeous crystals and a variety of colorful candles. In the middle of the room stood an oval wooden table topped with a cloth of ivory crochet. The table held a beautiful oil lamp, a purple velvet drawstring bag, and had chairs on either side. As we chatted about the weather and sat down, I was struck with how instantly comfortable I felt in this room and with Darcy. She opened the bag, took out a large deck of cards, and as she began to shuffle she asked “what brings you for a reading today?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to the question—didn’t everyone come for the same reason? “Well, I want to know what’s coming up for me in the future” I blurted.

She smiled as she handed me the deck. “You shuffle the cards now, and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you want for your future—what are you hoping for, what are you dreaming of?” I did as she asked, describing bits of my life and the scenarios I’d imagined for myself as I slipped the cards through my hands several times. She then instructed me to select five cards from the deck and lay them face down on the table.

She set the deck aside and turned each card over one by one, placing them in a row. I was intrigued by the beautiful artwork and—though clueless to the meanings—felt an internal tug with each image. When she began to explain the significance of the cards now spread before me, I felt I’d been transported into another world.

I sat in awe listening to her explain the five cards I’d selected, flowing them into a very accurate story from my life. She described a card representing my present situation, one that depicted influence from the past, an image indicating what I truly wanted in my life, one that pointed to a blockage in my path, and a card offering a poignant suggestion for moving forward. None of the revelations were surprising really—these were things I knew to be true—but I was blown away that I was able to see everything in a new and encouraging light. The reading gave clarity to a knowing I’d held for some time, but was unable to fully understand. I was offered inspiration of new perspectives, and possibilities for an alternate path forward that I’d never considered, but felt so very right.

Darcy concluded our session by saying “Tarot doesn’t predict your future, but it does offer precious insight for creating it.” I couldn’t thank her enough for the experience of the reading and the new hope I was feeling.

As we said goodbye and I headed to my car, everything seemed a bit brighter. I looked up to a nearly a cloudless blue sky, and realized the impending storm I’d arrived in had passed.

It would be several years before I began my own Tarot reading journey and a deeper relationship with the cards, but that first beautiful experience has always stayed with me. It was—in no small way—a guiding light to fulfilling my dreams.


If you’d like to experience your own Tarot reading, or learn more about how Tarot works, visit my Tarot page and feel free to reach out to me with any questions at

Wishing you light and love on your journey.


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