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by Ariel C. 

I received Reiki Level 1 and 2 Practitioner Training through Healing Path Studio with Torie and I could not have asked for a better experience. Torie’s class is thorough, informative, relaxing, interesting, and goes above and beyond in many ways. She provides a workbook for each training that is not only a great resource to review but is visually appealing and easy to read. The environment of her studio is best described as a breath of fresh air. From the pond just steps away from the door to the birds at the feeder to the cat artwork and gemstones and tarot/oracle decks. It is just a dream come true. I would like to add that I had taken Reiki 1 previously and appreciate everything I learned in my first class. But I cannot emphasize how unique, efficient, and educational Torie’s program is. I truly feel confident as a newer Reiki Practitioner knowing where I received my education and knowing that Torie is just an email away and offers continuing support and mentorship. If you’ve been considering incorporating this beautiful healing technique into your life, you’ve absolutely stumbled upon the right place.

by Jennifer G.

   A few years ago I had what I consider a spiritual awakening, and have since been enthusiastically trying to learn about and immerse myself in the different modalities of mind-body-soul health and wellness.  That is how I came to search out Torie and her incredible studio space to book my first Reiki session.  Prior to my appointment, she very thoroughly went over expectations, concerns and my personal wellness history with me, and upon arriving to her charming & magical studio (filled with her amazing artwork!), my normally ungrounded scatter-brained energy was instantly soothed by her calming and caring presence.  She again took the time to go over the process beforehand, and included helpful literature for me to take home.   The session itself was enriching and therapeutic – and the effects I experienced were delightfully unexpected - as I knew that I would probably have some emotions bubble up, but those emotions ended up being giddy and playful and full of gratitude.  In this serene environment, I even easily perceived spirit lovingly surrounding me during the session.  Wow!  What an amazing experience - one that lingered and evolved even well after our actual session.  I now consider the Reiki experience another tool in my “spiritual toolbelt”, and highly recommend Torie’s natural intuitive support and keen insights!

by Tyler H.

     Before I met Torie, I was new to Reiki. I didn’t know what reaction I would have, and I was still a bit skeptical about it. Right away upon walking through the door, the space was warm and inviting and felt like a special place for healing. Torie first took a lot of time to get to know me and understand me as a nuanced individual, in a way that was refreshingly thorough and not rushed at all. Torie is an exceptional listener and empath, and I felt extremely comfortable with her soon into our meeting. She is remarkably attentive, patient, generous, and kind. I felt very safe throughout my session. The Reiki session itself was, for me, powerful and immediate — for me it was healing and invigorating, during and after the session. By the time I left my first session, I was no longer a skeptic. For anyone curious about Reiki, I would recommend Torie enthusiastically and without any hesitation.

by Marie S.

       Admittedly, I entered my very first Reiki session with a bit of skepticism. I wasn’t even sure why I made the appointment. Although I accept the concepts behind the practice, there was always a lingering concern that Reiki would be one of those New Age ‘feel good’ spa visits. I craved something deeper, something with genuine substance and meaning.

       When I came across Torie Tiffany’s inviting website I decided to give Reiki a try. Well, I’m happy to report that Torie delivers! The Healing Path Studio is an enchanting place with aesthetically pleasing, almost celestial influences. Everything inside it feels supported by Nature. Nothing jars you, it’s simply tranquil, peaceful, and serene.

       Not only was the actual Reiki session relaxing and soothing, Torie’s introduction to what the experience would involve was sensitive, filled with tender patience, and just about as comforting as the treatment itself. I loved being in her gentle presence and appreciated her intuitive awareness. I may not have entered the studio with an intent to discover a roadmap for transforming my life, but I believe I left with one. Gracefully and with a warm heart, Torie opened a most welcoming portal.

       In this short period I gained a satisfying experiential view of Reiki, accessed a trust to a vital quality of self-healing, and felt nourished on the Collective level. In summary, I found a treasure in Ithaca! Thank You Torie!


by Cathy W.

       I first met Torie years ago while doing the Ithaca Art Trail & made her studio a definite stop on the trail each year since that visit. I was not only drawn to her artwork & photography, I also felt an easy positive connection to Torie because of her warm, friendly, & genuine personality. While at her studio, we always spent quite a bit of time talking about all kinds of topics; Torie has a way of making you feel like she has all the time in the world for you!

       So I went from purchasing & enjoying her artwork to learning about & using some of her flower essences which I love! Using them has made such positive changes in how I deal with day to day ups & downs. I am thrilled to say that I have become a calmer & more accepting, of both myself & others, person.

       That being said, please visit Torie's website,  I'll never forget the first time I visited the site & clicked on the Flower Essence Guide. It was at that moment that I realized how dedicated Torie is to what she does.  I was so blown away by the details & the super helpful information about every single flower essence she makes so that others can experience the benefits.

       My last "big plug" for Torie has to do with having her do a Tarot reading for me.  Once again, I was so impressed with every aspect of the reading.  First, she did exactly what she said she was going to do when it comes to the timeline & her presentation of the reading. When I received the reading, the explanations were so easy to understand.  Torie walked me through what each card meant, the terminology used, and how each part of the reading related specifically to  me.   Finally, Torie summarized the reading for me which was such a bonus.

Needless to say, I will be doing more readings & purchasing more flower essences & artwork!!  It is so obvious to me that Torie loves what she does & is deeply devoted to sharing her knowledge, talents, & gifts with others.  I am so glad I found Torie!!

by Debbie P.

My Tarot reading from Torie was very enlightening. I ask a specific question and she gave me a detailed answer using theTarot cards. I was happy with the result and felt the reading was “right on”.

Thank you Torie! 

by Jennifer C.

I was intrigued by Torie's tarot readings, but really had no knowledge of what to expect.  Torie gave me some great examples of open ended questions that would work well and from there I was able to come up with one that was a forefront matter to me.  Her returned "report" was insightful, meaningful, and validating for me.  Not only was it visually pleasing and professional, I was impressed about how thorough it was.  It was also immediately apparent to me that portions of the tarot reading lined up with astrological readings I have had, which was reaffirming for me and helped draw further connections. I would not hesitate to recommend this experience.

by Ash-lee J.

The reading I received from Torie was beautifully given. She combined beautiful graphics with poetic words to comfort me in my questions and to bring concise and clear answers. This reading will be with me for a long time to come as a source of inspiration and insight and I highly recommend Torie's services for all your tarot reading needs. She is a gifted and deeply intuitive reader. 

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