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Quenched by the rains, warmed by the sun, their song is adrift in the air

as Mother Earth gives nourishment

to the beings growing there.

They offer beauty and fragrance,

with an invitation to hear

their message of a healing grace

in the gifts they came to share.

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Nature’s Medicine in a Bottle
We all experience times of disharmony that upset our balance, interrupt our energy flow, and often manifest in physical discomforts. As we seek to ease this disharmony, effective support is right outside the door.

Every plant contains their own unique energy, concentrated in its flower, that can help bring us to a place of well-being. Choose the flower essence whose message most resonates with you, and experience the power of Mother Earth’s healing.
What are Flower Essences?

Plants are our allies in life. They give us great beauty, provide us with food, clean our air, and they can aid in healing.  We need only listen to their offerings, and let our intuition guide us in selecting the plant that can help.  


The healing power of plants has been utilized since ancient times, but in the early 1900's Dr. Edward Bach developed a new healing modality derived from the fresh blossoms of plants. He discovered that each flower holds a unique vibration, or energy, that can be imprinted in water and used to alter our own vibration to one of well-being.  As we use a flower essence, we begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower, so limitations and disharmonies begin to lift, restoring our mood, energy and overall health.

Flower essences work in a subtle manner, but when used consistently can have a very powerful transformative effect. The essences can be used as drops on the tongue, stirred into a beverage, or massaged into pulse points.  Since there is no physical part of the plant in a flower essence, only its healing vibration, there are no side effects, and it is safe for all ages of humans and animals too. Flower essences are compatible with all other forms of therapy or medicine.

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How To Choose
a Flower Essence

The message of each flower essence describes its own unique healing energy, as well as imbalances that it can help alleviate, to guide you in your selection. Or, you may feel drawn to the beauty of a particular flower, which is an indication of that plant’s energy calling to you. Choosing an essence can be as simple as recognizing that flower’s vibration as one you’d like to see within yourself. 

Using the website’s search function can be helpful to find an essence with a specific energy, or one to help with a particular concern. For example, you may be looking to feel more focused, creative or energetic, or to find help with sleep issues, anxiety or grief. A search for the subject you’re interested in will display essences for you to consider.

A click on the Flower Essence  Guide will show 7 areas of support, with suggested flower essences in each category.

The Flower Essence Oracle deck represents the 78 flower essences in the collection of Healing Path Apothecary. Each card displays a beautiful image of the flower and its unique message of healing. Access your own inner wisdom to discover the flower energy to best support your journey.

For a complimentary in-studio consultation working with the deck, contact me for an appointment.

The Healing Path Apothecary Flower Essence deck is also available for purchase here.

If you would like further guidance, or have any questions about flower essences, feel free to reach out to any time.

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Order online and choose USPS delivery or in-studio pick up.

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