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  • The Magic Trees

    Just outside my back door live two beautiful trees side by side. A majestic Black Cherry with a wide sturdy trunk, and a lovely Hawthorn whose thorny body rises from the earth in triplicate. Black Cherry seems to stand as grandfather to Hawthorn, and both as sentries to my home. When I first came here, these trees were a stark contrast to the surrounding landscape, rising so beautifully from a sea of brambles and the junk pile someone had created at their feet, they offered a sign of hope. I remember feeling such warmth when I first saw them—their branches spread in greeting seemed to say “welcome home”. I had come to this place during a rather challenging time of my life, feeling sick, broken, and lost; but as I spent the many hours clearing debris from around these beautiful beings, I could feel healing begin. Whenever I was in their presence, it was like being held in loving arms, and it was there beneath their branches that I created my first garden. I planted an array of shade loving species all around the trees—a bed of beauty to adorn them in thanks for their existence. One day during the project, I came across a beautiful stone in shades of gray and pink that beckoned me to slip it into my pocket. The stone turned out to be Rhodonite. As I read about the properties of this pretty little rock, my heart swelled with delight, as it seemed the trees were offering yet another bit of medicine for my soul. I found that Rhodonite is considered an emotional healer, providing loving support during the process of dealing with painful issues. It was during the springtime blooming of Black Cherry and Hawthorn that I began to study flower essences, and came to realize the magnitude of the gifts I’d been given by these two trees. Black Cherry’s long spears of dainty white flowers, and Hawthorn’s intricate blooms of white with striking centers are much more than beautiful, they are also potent healers. As I sat with these flowers, their essences seemed to speak aloud to me: Black Cherry’s message - I can help bring new enthusiasm into your life by opening your heart to joy, optimism and inspiration, releasing creative flow and helping you see new possibilities. Hawthorn’s message - I can help ease emotional pain and trauma, inviting a sense of hope, trust, forgiveness and love. I inspire resilience of the heart energetically and physically, letting you feel safely cradled in love. These two flower essences have become cherished favorites of mine. When I first moved to this little piece of land I felt a kinship with its need for care and healing, and believed I had been brought here to help it feel alive again. As time went on however, I came to understand that the tending was reciprocal. The beings of this place have led me to healing paths that mend me in body, mind and spirit, with Black Cherry and Hawthorn standing together as the magical portal. If the healing power of Black Cherry or Hawthorn call to you too, their flower essence offerings are available in the Healing Path Apothecary. Wishing you much joy on your journey! Torie

  • Are You Tarot-Curious?

    Are you intrigued with the idea of a Tarot reading, but would like to understand more about it before you dive in? Then, this is for you! I’m often asked “what is Tarot and how does it work?”. I had the same questions when I first discovered Tarot, and here is a concise version of the answers I’ve found. A spur of the moment decision led me to my very first Tarot reading. I’d heard of a woman that did readings, and thinking it sounded like fun, I went in with the expectation of having my “fortune told”. What I came away with was an entirely new sense of how I might more effectively shape my life. It was an enlightening, exciting and empowering experience. This began my study of Tarot, and a path of healing that is now part of my daily routine. The revelations and guidance I’ve found in Tarot have been powerfully transformative in my life, opening new pathways to connection with Spirit, allowing deeper access to my intuition, empowering my journey and presenting a means for me to help others light their way. What are Tarot cards? A deck of Tarot cards is a tool for divination—a means to gain insight and inspiration from the universal energy that flows through and connects us all. Each of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck contains its own unique imagery and symbolism that represent a life situation, experience, personality, emotion, thought pattern, desire or need—making the deck rather like a picture book of life. When we consult the Tarot for an answer to a question or clarification of a situation, the cards serve as a mirror to our subconscious mind, allowing access to our own inner wisdom. The messages revealed by the cards offer clarity for making choices, self-development, manifesting goals, and empowering our lives. How does a Tarot reading work? It’s all about energy. Absolutely everything in this world and beyond emits its own energy—people, places, things, thoughts and Tarot cards, for example. A Tarot reader interprets the energy of the cards that are drawn and their alignment with the energy of the querent, whether that be themselves or a client. So, it’s easy to see how a reader could access their own energy for a reading, but how do they connect to the energy of someone they’re reading for, especially if the person is far away? All energy is connected in a universal consciousness that I refer to as Spirit. When asked to do a reading, a reader is given permission to access the querent’s own personal energy. This allows the reader to tap into that energy through the collective, and interpret the cards as they apply to the specific energy of the querent. The process is intuitive, spiritual, magical and very powerful. How do I ask a question of the Tarot? Tarot is a tool to help you create the future you want by indicating paths to your goal, and pitfalls to avoid along the way. Asking questions in the right way, openly and honestly, will allow deeper revelations from the Tarot. The best questions are open-ended, beginning with words like ‘what’, ‘where’, or ‘how’. Starting with these specific words creates the type of question that has enough depth to provide you with an insightful, guiding answer. Avoid questions that begin with ‘should’, ‘will’ or ‘when’. These are closed-ended questions, which offer limited insight, as they imply future happenings, when the future has not yet been created. What you really want to know is how to create the future you desire, and the right questions provide empowering answers. Keep the questions focused on yourself. If you’re looking for answers about a relationship with another person, the Tarot can address your participation in that relationship, as well as give insight to the energy of the other person and how it melds with yours, but the reading is for your own personal guidance. Well formed questions create a connection to your subconscious mind, allowing access to the answers of your own inner wisdom, and giving you the ability to bring those answers into conscious awareness where you can then take action. Here are some examples: Ask “what steps can I take to land a job I desire?”, instead of “why can’t I find a job?” Ask “where are my strengths and weaknesses in attracting money?”, instead of “when will I win the lottery?” Ask “how can I invite love into my life?”, instead of “when will I meet my soul mate?” Ask “what are the energies surrounding my idea of a new business?”, instead of “should I start a new business?” You may already consciously know the message or insight you receive in a Tarot reading, in which case, the reading can be supportive confirmation. Or, you might be completely unaware of the message until you see it reflected in the cards, in which case you are now empowered to take action based on your new awareness. I hope this gives you a better understanding of what Tarot is and how the Tarot works. I’d also be happy to answer any other questions you may have—just drop me an email. If you’d like to tap into guidance for your own path, I invite you to check out the readings I offer at Healing Path Studio Tarot. I would be honored to read for you. Blessings, Torie p.s. - See what others have to say about my readings!

  • Forget Me Not

    When I first came to the place I now call home, I was doubtful that it was right for me. The house was ramshackle, the property overgrown, and everything clearly in need of much work, but somehow it all felt beckoning at the same time. As I toured the little house, noting more cons than pros, I stepped into the smaller of the two bedrooms and everything shifted. I immediately felt the presence of my grandfather envelop me in a loving embrace—I even smelled his pipe—and knew I was meant to be here. Indeed, over the years, this little spot has offered me comfort, joy and healing in uncountable ways. One of the first flowers here that called me to make an essence was Forget Me Not. Drawn to her tiny sweet face in such a lovely shade of blue, with her bright yellow “eye”, I could feel my heart expanding. As I sat with her, the comforting presence of my grandfather again enveloped me with a knowing that I was on the right path. Forget Me Not flower essence allows me to experience that gentle embrace at any time. She is always a balm to my spirit, bringing insight and calm, just like being wrapped in Grandfather’s loving arms with his wisdom whispering in my ear. Together in Wellness, Torie

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  • Flower Essences | Healing Path Studio | United States

    Welcome to Healing Path Studio! ​ Wellness is a harmonic state of balance with body, mind, and spirit, in which we feel easeful in going about our daily lives. ​ We all experience times when just navigating life can cause an imbalance in that harmony, interrupting our energy flow, and leaving us with feelings of dis-ease. Often, re-balancing can be found by spending time in nature, dietary changes, exercise or meditation. But sometimes we need a little support and guidance to unblock the energy flow, restore balance, and allow healing to return us to a state of well-being. If you’re seeking a little support and guidance today, perhaps one of the offerings of Healing Path Studio will call to you. ​ Each is offered with love and compassion, to empower your journey of enrichment for body, mind and spirit . Apothecary flower essences Tarot insight and guidance Reiki restorative energy healing Torie Tiffany Art inspirations of imagination Blog remedies and ruminations About meet Torie

  • Flower Essences | Healing Path Studio | United States

    Tarot is an ancient channel of divination, a means of receiving heightened inner awareness, spiritual connection, and revelation of guiding messages from beyond the veil. I offer intuitive Tarot readings that bring insight and guidance for navigating life when questions arise and clarity is needed. The messages that come through the cards allow access to our own inner wisdom, unveiling the power of inspiration, growth and healing. Tarot has been profoundly transformative in my own life, opening new pathways to connection with Spirit, allowing deeper access to my intuition, empowering my journey and presenting a means for me to help others light their way. How a Tarot reading works. I treat each client with equal respect, regardless of origin, race, religion, gender or age. I will not give legal, medical or financial consultation. All information shared before, during or after readings is held in highest confidentiality. I am honored to bring your queries to the Tarot and offer the answers revealed to inspire and empower your life. To Request a Reading: ​ 1 . Purchase a reading from the shop selections. Be sure to include your email address. 2 . I will respond via email with a welcome, and ask you to tell me your: full name, question for the Tarot and any details you’d like to include, birth date, place, and time (if you have it), and a photo. The photo is optional, but I love the way a picture helps me connect to the energy of the client. 3 . I will respond with an approximate time frame for me to deliver the reading. Please note - my readings are done in sacred space created for each client, allowing me to concentrate fully on their energy and the messages revealed in the cards. I will place your reading on my schedule the soonest I can, to ensure space for total focus on your energy at that time. 4 . I deliver the readings via email in jpeg format, including a photo of the cards drawn for you and their interpretation. Afterward, I’ll be happy answer any questions you may have about the messages revealed. ​ Wishing you blessings and light. ​ Torie Healing Path Tarot readings are, by law, for entertainment purpose only, and are not intended to take the place of professional medical, legal, or psychological advice. The interpretations offered are not absolute, they are messages of the universe being offered at the exact time of the reading, and may be altered by the future actions of the client. Healing Path accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on their consultation. Quick View Illuminating Options Reading Price $35.00 Quick View Troubling Times Reading Price $40.00 Quick View Personal Clarity Reading Price $40.00 Quick View Enlightening Connection Rdg. Price $40.00 Quick View Illuminating Options Reading Price $35.00 Quick View Troubling Times Reading Price $40.00 Quick View Personal Clarity Reading Price $40.00 Quick View Enlightening Connection Rdg. Price $40.00

  • Flower Essences | Healing Path Studio | United States

    Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a safe, gentle and non-invasive form of healing that increases energy, reduces pain and stress, produces deep relaxation and promotes a general feeling of well-being. ​ The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words Rei, which means “universal life”, and Ki, which means “energy”. Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. When this energy flow in the body becomes imbalanced or blocked, the body experiences discomfort. A Reiki session can alleviate this discomfort by re-opening the body’s energy flow to allow healing. A Reiki session concentrates on the body’s energy centers, called chakras. A Reiki practitioner uses gentle hand movements over the body, or over the miles, channeling healthy energy through the chakras to realign and unblock the energy flow. This realignment then radiates outward to balance the body at emotional, mental and physical levels, increasing feelings of relaxation and wellness. Reiki energy connects on our spiritual and energetic levels, so is not limited by physical distance. This healing method can be effective with an in person session or from miles away. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful means of support for body, mind and spirit. Welcome! I’m Torie The beautiful energy of Reiki has brought comfort and healing to my life for many years, and today, as a certified Reiki Master, I’m delighted to offer both in person and distance Reiki sessions for you. Let me help you balance your body’s energy with safe, gentle, non-invasive therapy that provides deep healing on all levels. What to expect in a Reiki session with me : ​ In person sessions are held at my studio in Ithaca, NY. Distance sessions are available to any location, and are begun and ended by phone. During the session you may prefer total quiet or soft music while you relax. A photo is helpful for me to connect to your energy, but is not necessary. Prior to the session After you make your appointment, I will email a few brief questions for you to answer, including your areas of concern. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have. During the session You will be fully clothed and lying down, or in a comfortable position for you. The energy flow is released from my hands as I move them above your body, or across the miles. There is no physical contact. You may experience sensations in the body such as heat or tingling. You may see visualizations such as colors or pictures, or have memories appear. You may feel only deep relaxation. After the session I suggest you sit for a bit and drink some cool water. You may feel relaxed or energized immediately following a session, or these feelings may come up a few hours later. I look forward to sharing with you the beautiful energy of Reiki healing. In Person: Held In-Studio Distance: Held Anywhere Click Here To Book Now! 30 Minute Session...................................$65 45 Minute Session...................................$95 60 Minute Session..................................$120

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