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  • A Passion for Passionflower

    My first encounter with Passionflower was during a look-see at a local greenhouse, where I’d come to enjoy all the blooming residents for a bit. I was happily strolling, filling my senses with all the growing lushness, when I was stopped in my tracks by a flower I thought was an illusion—an intricate, delicate and beyond beautiful blossom of the most gorgeous color—it was just breathtaking! This Spring I decided to try growing Passionflower, though she prefers warmer climes than where I live, I just had to try. The poor plant didn’t have a great start—she was shipped too early, struggled the first couple of weeks living in a window, and had begun to yellow before I could plant her—but, she rallied beautifully, and became a healthy, lush vine. When the first blossoms appeared, I was so overjoyed I spent the better part of the day sitting with that gorgeous being, camera in hand. Each flower lasts only about 24 hours, and being unsure of more blooms coming, I wanted to capture every minute. As it turned out, the vine was more than generous with production all season, giving me many opportunities to marvel at the exquisiteness of those flowers and to infuse their essence. Alas, the first frost came early this year, so I harvested much of the vine and the remaining flowers the day before. I’m hoping a thick mulching will allow Winter survival, but am feeling so blessed to have enjoyed the company of Passionflower this season. Her gifts of calming, supportive tea and flower essence will have me enjoying her presence for many seasons to come. Passionflower’s essence is one of deep realization, as she clears the path to manifesting your inner gifts while offering gentle support along the way. Passionflower’s message - I am both grounding and enlightening, allowing you to realize and express your deepest gifts while holding you in calming support. I enhance tranquility, creativity, intuition, psychic ability, and restful sleep. For more information on flower essences check out the home page, or drop me an email with any questions. In warmth and healing, Torie

  • Open Studio Dates

    Especially during these challenging times, Flower Essences are a gentle, effective method of aligning ourselves with the medicine of plants that help manage stress, and reduce anxiety. Each flower holds a unique vibration, or energy, that when imprinted in water and preserved, can be used to alter our own vibration to one of well-being. As we use a flower essence, we begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower, lifting limitations and disharmonies, restoring our mood, energy and overall health. The essences can be used as drops on the tongue, stirred into a beverage, or massaged into pulse points. Flower essences work in a subtle manner, but when used consistently can have a very powerful transformative effect. The essences I create are from plants that have grown up around me, offering their healing vibrations to anyone who resonates with their message. For more information visit the home page of or drop me an email at Together in Wellness, Torie

  • New Essence for New Beginnings

    In times of change and new beginnings, the energy of the graceful, adaptable Pussy Willow can be a welcome stabilizer. As we move forward in our ever changing world of pandemic, the Pussy Willow flower essence brings welcome balance, peace and clarity. This essence is made from the lovely, soft, early Spring flowers of my favorite tree. Many years ago I planted Mr. Willow as a wee twig, just a few feet from my front door. As the seasons passed I got to watch him become a beautiful tree, with a calming beauty, soft caressing limbs and excellent medicine. Pussy Willow’s message - I can help you increase intuition and find the flexibility for balance in life. I bring awareness to the need for self care and the knowledge that creativity flows more freely through a peaceful mind. To learn more about flower essences, there's info on the home page or contact me with any questions. Together in wellness, Torie

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  • Flower Essences | Healing Path Studio | United States

    Art is a healing process. In both the creation and the observation, art allows us to examine and understand ourselves at the soul level. My art allows me to create a vision I can hold, a physical manifestation of an image that has come to me for a very specific purpose, and now takes on a form that can depict that message in greater clarity. I invite you to browse my creations for something that speaks to your spirit. Perhaps today you will find a healing inspiration, affirmation, or lightness to soothe your soul. Samplings from Tarot Tabby ​ The cards will not tell our fortune, but they can enlighten our path with insight to the here and now and understanding of the past. The answers that lie within us become revealed in clarity, as we navigate the choices to empower our destiny. Go to link Go to link Go to link 1/1

  • Flower Essences | Healing Path Studio | United States

    Quenched by the rains, warmed by the sun, their song is adrift in the air as Mother Earth gives nourishment to the beings growing there. They offer beauty and fragrance, with an invitation to hear their message of a healing grace in the gifts they came to share. Nature’s Medicine in a Bottle We all experience times of disharmony that upset our balance, interrupt our energy flow, and often manifest in physical discomforts. As we seek to ease this disharmony, effective support is right outside the door. ​ Every plant contains their own unique energy, concentrated in its flower, that can help bring us to a place of well-being. Choose the flower essence whose message most resonates with you, and experience the power of Mother Earth’s healing. What are Flower Essences? Plants are our allies in life. They give us great beauty, provide us with food, clean our air, and they can aid in healing. We need only listen to their offerings, and let our intuition guide us in selecting the plant that can help. The healing power of plants has been utilized since ancient times, but in the early 1900's Dr. Edward Bach developed a new healing modality derived from the fresh blossoms of plants. He discovered that each flower holds a unique vibration, or energy, that can be imprinted in water and used to alter our own vibration to one of well-being. As we use a flower essence, we begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower, so limitations and disharmonies begin to lift, restoring our mood, energy and overall health. ​ Flower essences work in a subtle manner, but when used consistently can have a very powerful transformative effect. The essences can be used as drops on the tongue, stirred into a beverage, or massaged into pulse points. Since there is no physical part of the plant in a flower essence, only its healing vibration, there are no side effects, and it is safe for all ages of humans and animals too. Flower essences are compatible with all other forms of therapy or medicine. How To Choose a Flower Essence The message of each flower essence describes its own unique healing energy, as well as imbalances that it can help alleviate, to guide you in your selection. Or, you may feel drawn to the beauty of a particular flower, which is an indication of that plant’s energy calling to you. Choosing an essence can be as simple as recognizing that flower’s vibration as one you’d like to see within yourself. ​ Using the website’s search function can be helpful to find an essence with a specific energy, or one to help with a particular concern—for example, you may be looking to feel more focused, creative or energetic, or to find help with sleep issues, anxiety or grief—a search for the subject you’re interested in will display essences for you to consider. ​ Also, a click on the Flower Essence Guide will show 7 areas of support, with suggested flower essences in each category. ​ If you would like further guidance, or have any questions about flower essences, feel free to reach out to any time. Quick View Apple Blossom Essence Price $18.00 Quick View Astilbe Essence Price $18.00 Quick View Azalea Essence Price $18.00 Quick View Bird's Foot Trefoil Essence Price $18.00 Quick View Apple Blossom Essence Price $18.00 Quick View Astilbe Essence Price $18.00 Quick View Azalea Essence Price $18.00 Quick View Bird's Foot Trefoil Essence Price $18.00

  • Flower Essences | Healing Path Studio | United States

    Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a safe, gentle and non-invasive form of healing that increases energy, reduces pain and stress, produces deep relaxation and promotes a general feeling of well-being. ​ The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words Rei, which means “universal life”, and Ki, which means “energy”. Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. When this energy flow in the body becomes imbalanced or blocked, the body experiences discomfort. A Reiki session can alleviate this discomfort by re-opening the body’s energy flow to allow healing. A Reiki session concentrates on the body’s energy centers, called chakras. A Reiki practitioner uses gentle hand movements over the body, or over the miles, channeling healthy energy through the chakras to realign and unblock the energy flow. This realignment then radiates outward to balance the body at emotional, mental and physical levels, increasing feelings of relaxation and wellness. Reiki energy connects on our spiritual and energetic levels, so is not limited by physical distance. This healing method can be effective with an in person session or from miles away. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful means of support for body, mind and spirit. Welcome! I’m Torie The beautiful energy of Reiki has brought comfort and healing to my life for many years, and today, as a certified Reiki Master, I’m delighted to offer both in person and distance Reiki sessions for you. Let me help you balance your body’s energy with safe, gentle, non-invasive therapy that provides deep healing on all levels. What to expect in a Reiki session with me : ​ In person sessions are held at my studio in Ithaca, NY. Distance sessions are available to any location, and are begun and ended by phone. During the session you may prefer total quiet or soft music while you relax. A photo is helpful for me to connect to your energy, but is not necessary. Prior to the session After you make your appointment, I will email a few brief questions for you to answer, including your areas of concern. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have. During the session You will be fully clothed and lying down, or in a comfortable position for you. The energy flow is released from my hands as I move them above your body, or across the miles. There is no physical contact. You may experience sensations in the body such as heat or tingling. You may see visualizations such as colors or pictures, or have memories appear. You may feel only deep relaxation. After the session I suggest you sit for a bit and drink some cool water. You may feel relaxed or energized immediately following a session, or these feelings may come up a few hours later. I look forward to sharing with you the beautiful energy of Reiki healing. In Person: Held In-Studio Distance: Held Anywhere Click Here To Book Now! 30 Minute Session...................................$65 45 Minute Session...................................$95 60 Minute Session..................................$120

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