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Serenity Session


Experience the soothing serenity

of Reiki and Tarot together in this combination session, offering alignment, enlightenment and empowerment for body, mind, and spirit.

We all have times when a little extra support is needed to navigate a difficult situation, decide which next

step to take, or bring clarity to our lives. The Serenity Session helps re-awaken the harmony of body, mind,

and spirit, allowing new perspectives, healing, and empowerment on every level.


Relax into the gentle power of Reiki as it opens and balances your energy flow for healing.

Renew connection to your spirit-self, and the power of transformation you hold within.

Receive clarity and guidance for your path ahead as Tarot reveals your own deepest wisdom.

What to expect in the Serenity Session​

Sessions are held at my studio in Ithaca, NY.

Please book at least 24 hours in advance.


Prior to the session 

Click the booking button below to select an appointment in the calendar. I will email a confirmation and provide directions to the studio.  I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For each session I intuitively select a crystal, based on your own energy, to blend with the session in specific support for you.

During the session

We’ll begin the session with a chat about your hopes and concerns, then move into a half hour Reiki treatment to harmonize your energy flow, followed by a few moments of rest. We’ll conclude with a half hour Tarot reading to reveal guidance for your specific questions. Plan on spending an hour and a half or so in total time.


If the Serenity Session offering calls to you, I’d be honored to be your guide on the healing path.

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Please book your session at least 24 hours in advance.

1 1/2 hour Session .....................................$150

Want to learn Reiki?

Want to Learn Reiki?
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