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Welcome to Healing Path Studio! 

I’m Torie, an artist, Tarot reader, Reiki Master/Teacher, and medicine crafter. I’m also a deep believer that healing comes from within, and is empowered by our connection to the wider world. 

For me, that connection began on this little piece of land that I call home. Since I first arrived, I knew this landscape held my roots, that something I needed was being offered, and that I truly belonged here. Those knowings grew over time, as the magical inspiration of this place led me to the wisdom and medicine of the healing paths that I travel today.
My journey began many years ago, when I was looking for a home during a very challenging time in my life. I was physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually depleted, just surviving each day, and sure that this was to be my permanent state. When my home search brought me to this little property, I nearly turned away. All I could see right then was a neglected lot, holding a tiny house in need of repair, and flanked by an overgrown pond—the place looked as bleak as I felt, but seemed to be welcoming me with open arms. 
As I set about fixing up my new home, I found I was most content when I was outside tending the land. I felt a deep bonding develop with the plant life as I got to know the native species, planted new trees, flowers, and herbs, and began to experience a sense of wellbeing whenever I was in the arms of the beautiful beings around me. As my little parcel grew vibrant, I did too—I had begun to understand the healing power of our Earth, and all that surrounds her.

My understanding expanded in the years to follow, as I studied plant medicine, found new inspiration for my artwork, became a Reiki Master/Teacher, and began working with the Tarot. I found in each of these practices a unique connection to the wider world, an expansion of intuition, and a new path to healing.

As I look out over the pond, with the wind in the willows, the sun on my face, my feet planted firmly on the soft soil, I feel as one with all that surrounds me, and know I’ve found belonging. I am beyond grateful for this place and the beautiful practices I’ve been given to receive and share its empowering healing energy.     


I created Healing Path Studio as a safe, welcoming and comforting space to share these gifts with you. If you’re seeking a bit of support on your own wellness journey, I invite you to experience the gentle power of energy healing. If something in the offerings calls to you, I’ll be honored to meet you on the healing path.

Wishing you blessings on your journey. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

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We are each beings of the earth,
connected to all that surrounds us.

As we remember, 
and honor that relationship,
we find the essence of belonging
and true healing for the whole.


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