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Ancestral Connection

I’ve experienced guiding messages since I was a child, and most likely you have too. They come in the form of an internal voice, an image in the mind, a familiar scent, or a feeling in the body that brings a sudden knowing. This is sometimes our intuition at work, and sometimes it’s a direct communication from one who has left this earthly realm before us. These spirits are here to support us, we need only invite their assistance.

When I first came to the place I now call home, I was doubtful that it was right for me. The house was ramshackle, the property overgrown, and everything clearly in need of much work, but somehow it all felt beckoning at the same time. As I toured the little house, noting more cons than pros, I stepped into the smaller of the two bedrooms and everything shifted. I immediately felt the presence of my maternal grandfather envelop me in a loving embrace—I even smelled his pipe—and knew I was meant to be here. Over the years, this little spot has offered me comfort, joy and healing in uncountable ways, as well as a deeper connection to the wisdom of my grandfather.

We are all energetically connected—to each other and to every being that surrounds us in life and in death. This energy—our non-physical selves—moves into another realm when our physical bodies die, but is still present and accessible on this earthly plane. In the autumn months, especially during the time known as Samhain or Halloween, the veil between the realms thins, making communication with those who have passed on more easily available.

Ancestral communication is an ancient practice facilitated by many methods such as prayer, meditation, ritual, or ceremony by which one can invite the guidance, protection and healing of those who’ve gone before. Their assistance is there for the asking. If you’re facing a dilemma in your life just now, trying to make a decision, or simply looking for a guiding suggestion, the wisdom of your ancestors is only an invitation away.

My favorite method of connection to those beyond the veil is a Tarot reading. By creating sacred space and an open heart, I’ve found extraordinary guidance revealed in the cards. I’ve experienced potent messages from those I’ve called upon by name, as well as those whom I cannot name, but whose loving guidance has been undeniable.

If you feel called, I’d be honored to help you connect with the wisdom of one in the otherworld with the Ancestral Connection Tarot Reading. Invite the presence of someone specific, or simply open the portal to a loving spirit who wishes to support you through the revelation in the cards.

However you wish to connect, know that your ancestors are always near and available to offer their insight and support.

Wishing you enrichment and empowerment on your journey.



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