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Serenity Session - Reiki & Tarot Combo

Traditions of healing practices handed down since ancient times are based on the belief that our human existence is made up of layers of energy. We are both a physical body and a subtle energetic body that interacts within us and with our environment to determine our overall state of wellbeing.

When our subtle energies are balanced in harmonious, positive flow, we’re aligned with our higher consciousness and our natural state of wellness. We feel calm, stable, and enthusiastic. Keeping these energies in balance can be as simple as a healthy diet, body movement, meditation, time in nature, and just doing things that let us smile.

But when we’re navigating times that are upsetting, confusing, or painful, these challenges can disrupt our energy flow with negativity, create stress, and block our vision of possibility, leaving us feeling disconnected from our spirit-selves and our own healing power. This is when Energy Healing can help.

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique that infuses our energetic body with positivity—opening and balancing energy pathways and allowing us to access the healing power within.

Tarot is an energetic channel of divination, a path to heightened awareness, spiritual connection, and revelation of guiding messages from our own inner wisdom.

A healing experience for every level of your being, the Serenity Session is a combination of Reiki and Tarot, offering nurturing realignment of your energy flow, and revelation of empowering clarity for the path ahead.

The Serenity Session invites you to awaken the healing power within, offering insight and support for a challenging time of transformation and growth.

If the Serenity Session calls to you, I’d be honored to meet you on the healing path.

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