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Tarot is an ancient channel of divination, a means of receiving heightened inner awareness,
spiritual connection, and revelation of guiding messages from beyond the veil.

I offer intuitive Tarot readings that bring insight and guidance for navigating life when questions arise and clarity is needed. The messages that come through the cards allow access to our own inner wisdom, unveiling the power of inspiration, growth and healing.

Tarot has been profoundly transformative in my own life, opening new pathways to connection with Spirit, allowing deeper access to my intuition, empowering my journey

and presenting a means for me to help others light their way. 

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I treat each client with equal respect, regardless of origin, race, religion, gender or age.


I will not give legal, medical or financial consultation.


All information shared before, during or after readings is held in highest confidentiality.


I am honored to bring your queries to the Tarot and offer the answers revealed to inspire and empower your life.


To Request a Reading:

1. Choose a reading from the shop selections that resonates with the guidance you’re seeking.

—Feel free to contact me if you’d like help in selecting a reading. 

2. I will respond via email to ask a few questions that will help bring in your energy for the reading:
a. Your question for the Tarot and any background you’d like to include.
b. Your full name.
c. Your birth date, place, and time. 
d. Your photo—this is optional, but I love the way a picture helps me connect to the energy of the client.

3. When I have your information together, I’ll give you an approximate time frame that you can expect your reading to be delivered.

Please note - my readings are done in sacred space created for each client, allowing me to concentrate fully on their energy and the messages revealed in the cards. I will place your reading on my schedule the soonest I can, to ensure space for total focus on your energy at that time.

4. For each reading I compile lovely graphic pages including photos of the cards drawn for you and their interpretation, that I deliver in jpeg format via email. This method of presentation allows you to easily refer back to the cards and their messages at any time, and offers a keepsake as well. Afterward, I’ll be happy answer any questions that may come up around the messages revealed.

Wishing you blessings and light.


Healing Path Tarot readings are, by law, for entertainment purpose only, and are not intended to take the place of professional medical, legal, or psychological advice. The interpretations offered are not absolute, they are messages of the universe being offered at the exact time of the reading, and may be altered by the future actions of the client.  Healing Path accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on their consultation.

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