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This reading can help you recognize your own innate gifts, and realize the power of your beautiful inner magic. We are all intuitive creatures, born with a deep knowing of the wider world, passed down through generations of our ancestry. These gifts of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing the hidden aspects of our existence have been largely repressed in our current culture, but are still present within us, awaiting our remembering. The Tarot can reveal those hidden gifts, allowing you to nurture them, and bring their empowerment into your life.

Reveal Your Magic Reading

  • Welcome! I am honored to bring your queries to the Tarot and offer the answers revealed to inspire and empower your life. For each reading I intuitively select a specific Tarot deck and crystal to bring insight and guidance to your individual energy. The messages that come through allow access to your own inner wisdom, unveiling the power of inspiration, growth and healing. 

    My readings are delivered via email, in jpeg format, including a photo of the cards drawn for you, the crystal that appeared for the reading, and their interpretation. Afterward, I’ll be happy answer any questions you may have about the messages revealed.

    Tarot has been profoundly transformative in my own life, opening new pathways to connection with Spirit, allowing deeper access to my intuition, and presenting a means for me to help others light their way.

    I treat each client with equal respect, regardless of origin, race, religion, gender, or age.

    I will not give legal, medical or financial consultation.

    All information shared before, during and after readings is held in highest confidentiality.

    I look forward to reading for you. 

    Wishing you joy and empowerment,


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