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Tarothapy - the process of working with Tarot cards to access heightened inner awareness, spiritual connection, and revelation of guiding messages to inform and empower your life.

The word “Tarothapy” is my own creation to describe a Tarot reading. It infers a correlation with the word “therapy”—a pathway to healing—which beautifully describes the Tarot in its ability to help us understand, make a plan, and navigate through many of life’s dilemmas.

When we consult the Tarot for an answer to a question or clarification of a situation, the cards serve as a mirror to our subconscious mind, allowing access to our own inner wisdom to enlighten the best path forward.

If you’re pondering over a sticky situation, trying to make the best decision, or would just like some clarity in your life right now, check out the Tarot readings of Healing Path Studio. I offer readings for addressing specific issues, or for enlightening your life’s path at the moment.

Should any of the readings call to you, I’ll be honored to meet you on the Healing Path.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.


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