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Marvelous Mullein

Smoke from Canadian wildfires (sending prayers for our neighbors) has hung in the air over the US for the last couple of days, with a concentration in the Northeast. The thick, hazy, and smelly atmosphere we’re experiencing can be quite irritating for our respiratory system, and predictions are that this may continue for a few more days.

Limiting time spent outdoors is a good precaution, but the effects of our air quality just now can even be felt indoors. For soothing relief and protection for our burdened breathing, Mullein tea is a wonderful ally.

That fuzzy little plant that shows up in the spring as a small rosette on the ground, then grows throughout the season to a tall stalk with flowers is an expert at supporting our respiratory system. It reduces inflammation, clears excess mucus, and helps eliminate toxins from our bodies too.

Mullein tea can be made from fresh or dried leaves of the plant by simply steeping them in boiling water for a few minutes, then straining the tea before drinking. Mullein tea bags are also widely available.

Mullein offers great support for our bodies during this time of poor air quality, or any time we’re experiencing respiratory issues. Brew yourself a cup—add a little honey if you like—and experience its soothing, healing effect.

Breathe easy everyone!



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