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Jewelweed-Itch Relief by Mother Nature

Bonding with the growing beings in the great outdoors can be a soul-deep healing experience, but as we all know, some plants are just not human friendly. Poison Ivy is at the top of the list with the terrible itching it can cause after skin contact, so we do our best to avoid it. But, when we do accidentally contact Poison Ivy, Jewelweed is there to help stop the itch.

Jewelweed is a lush, 2-5’ tall plant, with bright yellow, cornucopia shaped flowers that can quickly relieve itching skin. It can be found growing in damp, shady areas, and is usually springing up very near where Poison Ivy grows! For immediate relief when exposed to Poison Ivy (or any other itch-inducing plant) simply harvest some of the plant’s stem, leaves, and flowers, crush them in your hand until juicy, and apply to the affected area of the skin.

Jewelweed’s medicine can also be preserved using this recipe, to have on hand for use at any time. Jewelweed is very effective for relief from itchy skin caused by bug bites, scrapes, and rashes too.

Feel free to reach out with questions on the Jewelweed Remedy or any of Healing Path Studio's offerings.


Together in Wellness,


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