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Walking the Healing Path

As I strolled about on my morning walk today, I was struck once again by the healing offered in just being outside. I’d started out feeling a bit yucky, but with each step I found my spirits lifting and my body feeling lighter too.

The beauty of the plants and trees with their fall colors glimmering in the sun, swaying in the crisp autumn breeze as they create a lovely carpet below encouraged each step forward and made me feel hopeful. The daylily blooming unabashedly on the first day of November reminded me to never give up. And the snow falling over the pond at the conclusion of my trek was a lesson to appreciate each moment.

The healing path is a journey unique to each of us, yet we can all find inspiration in the arms of Mother Nature. Even a brief walk can allow us to ground into the supportive earth, be invigorated by the fresh air, feel the energy of the sun’s rays, and be soothed by a flowing stream. Spending time outdoors reminds us that we are one with the ever-changing cycles of life, and the beauty within each season. A powerful medicine available at any time.

Sometimes we also need a little extra support on the healing journey, and Healing Path Studio offers this in several ways. A restorative Reiki energy session, an empowering Tarot reading, or a balancing Flower Essence can each be powerful methods of enlightening your path. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about these transformational energy healing modalities in the contact space below. I wish you well on your journey.

Together in wellness,


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