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Forget Me Not

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

When I first came to the place I now call home, I was doubtful that it was right for me. The house was ramshackle, the property overgrown, and everything clearly in need of much work, but somehow it all felt beckoning at the same time.

As I toured the little house, noting more cons than pros, I stepped into the smaller of the two bedrooms and everything shifted. I immediately felt the presence of my grandfather envelop me in a loving embrace—I even smelled his pipe—and knew I was meant to be here. Indeed, over the years, this little spot has offered me comfort, joy and healing in uncountable ways.

One of the first flowers here that called me to make an essence was Forget Me Not. Drawn to her tiny sweet face in such a lovely shade of blue, with her bright yellow “eye”, I could feel my heart expanding. As I sat with her, the comforting presence of my grandfather again enveloped me with a knowing that I was on the right path.

Forget Me Not flower essence allows me to experience that gentle embrace at any time. She is always a balm to my spirit, bringing insight and calm, just like being wrapped in Grandfather’s loving arms with his wisdom whispering in my ear.

Together in Wellness,


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