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The Flower Essence Oracle Deck

Now available for purchase

Flower essences are subtle yet powerful medicines for balancing our body’s energy. Healing Path Apothecary is a collection of 78 flower essences created from blooms surrounding my home, each with its own unique healing attributes.

I created the Healing Path Apothecary Flower Essence Oracle deck—with a card depicting each of the essence flowers and their messages—as just one way to choose the essence that’s right for you. The Flower Essence Oracle allows access to your own inner wisdom to discover the flower energy to best support you on your journey.

The Flower Essence Oracle is now available for purchase here if you’d like to own this beautiful deck.

Or contact me below for an appointment to work with the deck in a complimentary consultation. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have about flower essences or any of the offerings of Healing Path Studio.

Reveal the flowers healing gifts.

Together in Wellness,


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