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NEW - Flower Essence Oracle

Updated: Jan 30

Flower essences are infusions of a flower’s unique

energy that, when used in drops on the tongue, stirred

into a beverage or massaged into pulse points, brings

the flower’s energy into our bodies.

As we use a flower essence, we begin to resonate in

harmony with the qualities of the flower, so limitations

and disharmonies begin to lift, restoring our mood,

energy and overall health.

Flower essences offer subtle, yet powerful medicine.

Healing Path Studio

When I first arrived on this little patch of land, I knew I had come home. There was a sense of welcome in the air, a soothing grace in the flow of the waters, nurturing support in the growing beings, and a magical energy in the sun’s rays. I felt a healing begin, and a deep knowing that I was meant to share these blessings.

Healing Path Apothecary is a collection of 78 flower essences created from blooms surrounding my home. Each has come to me with a unique message of healing, and the intention to share their gifts with all who are called to hear.

Now, I’ve created the Flower Essence Oracle, a deck with a card depicting each of the 78 flower essences and their messages. If you’ve been considering a flower essence for your own energy balancing, but are unsure which to choose, the Flower Essence Oracle can give access to your deep inner wisdom to discover the flower energy to best support you on your journey.

Reveal the Message of the Flowers

For a free consultation on flower essences, including a draw from the Flower Essence Oracle, drop me an email at

Together in Wellness,


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