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The Magic Trees

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Just outside my back door live two beautiful trees side by side. A majestic Black Cherry with a wide sturdy trunk, and a lovely Hawthorn whose thorny body rises from the earth in triplicate. Black Cherry seems to stand as grandfather to Hawthorn, and both as sentries to my home.

When I first came here, these trees were a stark contrast to the surrounding landscape, rising so beautifully from a sea of brambles and the junk pile someone had created at their feet, they offered a sign of hope. I remember feeling such warmth when I first saw them—their branches spread in greeting seemed to say “welcome home”.

I had come to this place during a rather challenging time of my life, feeling sick, broken, and lost; but as I spent the many hours clearing debris from around these beautiful beings, I could feel healing begin. Whenever I was in their presence, it was like being held in loving arms, and it was there beneath their branches that I created my first garden.

I planted an array of shade loving species all around the trees—a bed of beauty to adorn them in thanks for their existence. One day during the project, I came across a beautiful stone in shades of gray and pink that beckoned me to slip it into my pocket. The stone turned out to be Rhodonite. As I read about the properties of this pretty little rock, my heart swelled with delight, as it seemed the trees were offering yet another bit of medicine for my soul. I found that Rhodonite is considered an emotional healer, providing loving support during the process of dealing with painful issues.

It was during the springtime blooming of Black Cherry and Hawthorn that I began to study flower essences, and came to realize the magnitude of the gifts I’d been given by these two trees. Black Cherry’s long spears of dainty white flowers, and Hawthorn’s intricate blooms of white with striking centers are much more than beautiful, they are also potent healers.

As I sat with these flowers, their essences seemed to speak aloud to me:

Black Cherry’s message - I can help bring new enthusiasm into your life by opening your heart to joy, optimism and inspiration, releasing creative flow and helping you see new possibilities.

Hawthorn’s message - I can help ease emotional pain and trauma, inviting a sense of hope, trust, forgiveness and love. I inspire resilience of the heart energetically and physically, letting you feel safely cradled in love.

These two flower essences have become cherished favorites of mine.

When I first moved to this little piece of land I felt a kinship with its need for care and healing, and believed I had been brought here to help it feel alive again. As time went on however, I came to understand that the tending was reciprocal. The beings of this place have led me to healing paths that mend me in body, mind and spirit, with Black Cherry and Hawthorn standing together as the magical portal.

If the healing power of Black Cherry or Hawthorn call to you too, their flower essence offerings are available in the Healing Path Apothecary.

Wishing you much joy on your journey!


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