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New Essence for New Beginnings

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

In times of change and new beginnings, the energy of the graceful, adaptable Pussy Willow can be a welcome stabilizer. As we move forward in our ever changing world of pandemic, the Pussy Willow flower essence brings welcome balance, peace and clarity. This essence is made from the lovely, soft, early Spring flowers of my favorite tree. Many years ago I planted Mr. Willow as a wee twig, just a few feet from my front door. As the seasons passed I got to watch him become a beautiful tree, with a calming beauty, soft caressing limbs and excellent medicine. Pussy Willow’s message - I can help you increase intuition and find the flexibility for balance in life. I bring awareness to the need for self care and the knowledge that creativity flows more freely through a peaceful mind.

To learn more about flower essences, there's info on the home page or contact me with any questions.

Together in wellness,


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