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Calming for Cats and Canines

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Serenity Blend Flower Essence, with its gentle, deeply calming effect for symptoms of stress and anxiety in humans, is also safe and effective for our furry friends.

Many of us have experienced a rescue dog or cat that has had trouble settling into a new home environment and/or adjusting to the presence of other pets in the home due to fear or anxiety. Their coping behaviors such as hiding, aggressiveness, and destructiveness will often ease with loving attention and time, but Serenity Blend Flower Essence can be a powerful ally in relieving their stress and related behavior.

As with humans, Serenity Blend Flower Essence can be administered by drops in the mouth, mixed in water or applied to the body. My favorite technique—in my multiple cat household—is to mix essence drops with water in a spray bottle that I mist on my hand just before petting the cat on their favorite spot. I’ve found that twice a day application shows improvement within a couple of weeks, with continued use very beneficial for controlling symptoms in pets who are naturally prone to anxiousness.

Serenity Blend Flower Essence contains no plant matter, only the calming energy infused from the flowers, so is completely safe for people of all ages as well as pets.

For more information about Serenity Blend Flower Essence visit the Healing Path Studio apothecary page, or feel free to contact me in the email form below with any questions you may have.

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