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A Passion for Passionflower

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

My first encounter with Passionflower was during a look-see at a local greenhouse, where I’d come to enjoy all the blooming residents for a bit. I was happily strolling, filling my senses with all the growing lushness, when I was stopped in my tracks by a flower I thought was an illusion—an intricate, delicate and beyond beautiful blossom of the most gorgeous color—it was just breathtaking!

This Spring I decided to try growing Passionflower, though she prefers warmer climes than where I live, I just had to try. The poor plant didn’t have a great start—she was shipped too early, struggled the first couple of weeks living in a window, and had begun to yellow before I could plant her—but, she rallied beautifully, and became a healthy, lush vine.

When the first blossoms appeared, I was so overjoyed I spent the better part of the day sitting with that gorgeous being, camera in hand. Each flower lasts only about 24 hours, and being unsure of more blooms coming, I wanted to capture every minute. As it turned out, the vine was more than generous with production all season, giving me many opportunities to marvel at the exquisiteness of those flowers and to infuse their essence.

Alas, the first frost came early this year, so I harvested much of the vine and the remaining flowers the day before. I’m hoping a thick mulching will allow Winter survival, but am feeling so blessed to have enjoyed the company of Passionflower this season. Her gifts of calming, supportive tea and flower essence will have me enjoying her presence for many seasons to come.

Passionflower’s essence is one of deep realization, as she clears the path to manifesting your inner gifts while offering gentle support along the way.

Passionflower’s message - I am both grounding and enlightening, allowing you to realize and express your deepest gifts while holding you in calming support. I enhance tranquility, creativity, intuition, psychic ability, and restful sleep.

For more information on flower essences check out the home page, or drop me an email with any questions.

In warmth and healing,


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