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You Are Becoming

Whenever we’re navigating a difficult time, it can feel as if our life is falling apart. Experiencing pain, illness, depression, anxiety, grief, or anything that interrupts feeling easeful on our journey can make us wonder “why is this happening to me?”. But, what if we could re-frame that question into “what is this trying to teach me?”.

As human beings, we are always in a state of growth. Dis-ease is our body’s way of telling us to slow down, rest, and reflect in this time of transition, to support the growth at hand with gentle self-care. Though the symptoms we experience can feel harsh and quite unwelcome, they are, in themselves, signs that healing is happening. The discomfort we feel is signaling that our body is at work expelling toxins—its natural process to regain balance—and we are being asked to participate in this healing process.

Though times of upset can be hard, they can be the catalyst for helping us shift our perspective of ourselves and the world around us, bringing clarity and empowerment to our lives. As we take time out to care for ourselves, we are given the opportunity for self-reflection, for listening at the soul level where insights can be revealed and wholeness found.

Viewing difficult times as signposts instead of stumbling blocks can allow us to consider new directions for our path ahead, and to realize things that need to be left behind. Like a garden blooms best with ample light and absence of weeds, nourishing our own inner light and setting protective boundaries supports our growth process.

Dis-ease doesn’t mean we’re broken, but that we’re breaking away from the confines of other’s definitions and judgements. It’s a time of releasing what was to create space for what will be—an opening on our path that invites us to step into and embrace our own authenticity. Just like the beautiful lotus flower blooms from the murky depths of mud, we sometimes need to experience the darkness to embrace the light of our becoming.

Should you be seeking a bit of support on your journey, Healing Path Studio’s offerings of Reiki, Tarot, and Flower Essences can be wonderful healing allies. I’d be honored to meet you on the healing path.

Together in Wellness,



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I love this post so much. When I get depressed, I want to learn to shift from doom & gloom & isolation (as quickly as I can) to being kind to myself, listening to my intuition & opening myself up to a different messages or directions. I get do down & my negative thoughts snowball. I can learn to turn this around. It's doable!! Thanks, Torie💝

Replying to

You've got this Cathy! One of the most precious gifts we can grant ourselves is patience❤️

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