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Sensitive Support

We all have times when we need a bit of support in navigating life’s challenges, and for those of us who carry the trait of HSP (highly sensitive person) or the trait of Empath, understanding our sensitivity is key to finding the support we need.

As a child, I preferred time with my cats to the company of humans, and felt very uncomfortable in large groups. I could feel what others were thinking, and knew when they were lying. Being near a suffering human or animal sent me into a meltdown. I spent much happy time in daydreams with my rich imagination. I was called too fussy, too emotional, and too shy, so I believed I was somehow flawed. Well into adulthood I thought I was crazy, until I discovered the term Empath. To find that being highly sensitive simply means that we experience the world differently, and that the trait isn’t a flaw, had me giddy.

HSPs are very much in tune with the subtleties of all that happens around us, and experience life very deeply. We have heightened sensitivity to all stimuli—sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and emotion—so need to regulate our exposure and reaction to avoid feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. We easily read the emotions of others, are natural truth-detectors, intuitively feel whether or not situations are safe, and absolutely need alone time.

Empaths carry all the sensitivities of HSPs, but also have a highly developed intuition and spiritual connection that brings deep empathy with nature, animals, and other human beings. We are wired to be helpers, but need to honor our own self-care and boundaries to avoid our tendency to actually take on the feelings of others as our own.

High sensitivity is a gift. When we honor the gift with empathy for our own wellbeing, the insights we hold are invaluable assets for our life’s path, and can help us help others too. Our sensitive ancestors were the Medicine Folk, Shamans, and Seers of their tribes.

Support for the highly sensitive can be found by limiting exposure to things that cause feelings of overwhelm—crowds, loud surroundings, news casts, and fast-paced environments for example. Alone time lets us re-set our emotional intake and feel more balanced. Spending time in nature helps us feel grounded and calm. Setting boundaries for ourselves and others allows us to feel more easeful in our daily lives. Taking time for self-care by doing things that light us up, strengthens our own energy flow and allows us to share our gift with others in a healthy way.

If you’d like to delve further into the characteristics of high sensitivity, the websites of Dr. Elaine Aron—who coined the term HSP, and Dr. Judith Orloff—an expert on Empaths, offer a wealth of information and resources.

Should you feel called, the subtle energy adjustment of Flower Essences, the clarity and guidance of Tarot Readings, and the balancing realignment of Reiki Healing I offer at Healing Path Studio are presented from my own experience as a highly sensitive Empath. Feel free to reach out with any questions. I’m happy to offer support whenever I can, and I’d be honored to meet you on the healing path.

Wishing you light and love on your journey.

Together in wellness,


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