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Season of New Beginnings

There was a special magic in this morning’s walk—the kiss of warmth in the air, trills of returning birdsong, and blossoms just beginning to wake. With each step I could feel my body stretching forward in anticipation of leaving the Winter’s slumber behind and moving into the season of renewal.

Spring Equinox officially arrives this year on March 19th, when Mother Earth begins her cycle of rebirth and fertility, awakening a season of growth in us humans too. The Equinox is also a time of balance, as the position of the Sun creates equal hours of dark and light, inviting us to bring balance into our lives as well.

Nourishment for our own new beginnings can be found just outside the door. Spending time in nature during this season of fertility and balance helps bring us into harmony with the season. Even a few minutes a day helps us feel more grounded, calm, and open to new insights. Because we’re each made of the same elements as Mother Earth, time outdoors acts as a loving embrace of support on every level of our being.

Should you feel the need for a bit of extra support on your journey, I invite you to consider the offerings of Healing Path Studio: A Reiki session of relaxation and alignment for body, mind, and spirit. Lilac flower essence to help you resonate with the vitality of the season. A Tarot reading of enlightenment, guidance, and empowerment.

Enjoy the light, love, and abundance of this expansive season.


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