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Scary Scammers

There are some very unscrupulous people in cyberland preying on folks who may be looking for guidance and support in their lives. They pose as healers, Tarot readers and psychics from legitimate practices, sending messages, emails and in some cases letters, offering immediate services with instructions for how to pay their fee. They are stealing the identity and tarnishing the reputation of caring professionals. Their services are bogus, but the fee is not—once paid, the victim’s money is lost.

These scammers use language to entice, flatter and frighten folks into giving them money, such as “I’ve read your energy and have an important message for you”, “Today only, the price is ____”, or “contact me to find out how to remove your curse”. Although these statements alone stand as red flags, for someone experiencing a vulnerable time, they may feel like a life-line.

Please know that I—along with all other legitimate professionals—would never solicit clients in this manner. My practice and my website are safe and welcoming spaces for folks seeking compassionate support on their journey. The offerings of Healing Path Studio are presented as guidance and healing to those who resonate with them. Always feel free to reach out to me directly via email if you have any questions about my products or services.

Together in Wellness,


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