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Bring in Blessings for 2024

As we celebrate the beginning of a brand new year, we begin to imagine how we’d like the coming year to look. We contemplate changes big and small that would make our lives feel more fulfilling and easeful as we plan our path ahead. This year, let’s all begin by filling our hearts with love and compassion for each other, creating individual rays of light within the collective that can illuminate our world in peace.

Many folks begin a new year with resolutions, vowing to change something in their life by stating “I want…”, or “I will…”. But what if we alter those statements to “I have…”, and “I am…”?

When we offer an intention to the universe, it’s our focus that draws the manifestation of our desires. If we say “I want to get organized this year”, or “I will eat healthier food”, the focus is still on the lack of what we desire, and we are bound to bring more of the same into our lives. If, however, we phrase our intentions to reflect the desired outcome as affirmations—“I am an organized person”, or “I am a healthy eater”—we are attracting these ways of being in a very potent way.

Words are a powerful, reverberating energy that communicates beyond the present moment. A thought flitting through the brain is intangible and fragile, just a blip in time that we may never recall. But when we form that thought into words it becomes an object of influence. Written words are even more powerful, as they then have substance and the capacity to communicate across time and space.

Consider the power of affirmations to attract the blessings you desire in this new year. Give voice to them, write them down, repeat and re-read often, make them an entity of the universe. Words are the passkeys to manifestation. As you formulate the blessings you’d like to attract in 2024,  imagine receiving them, living with them, and the gratitude you feel for their presence. Gratitude is a great conductor for manifestation.

what we think

we become

what we feel

we attract


what we imagine

we create

While creating your intentions for this new year, an energy balancing Reiki session, enlightening Tarot reading—or a combination of both in a Serenity session—as well as harmonizing Flower Essence therapy can help support you with clarity and empowerment for your year ahead. If these offerings call to you, I’d love to meet you on the healing path.

Wishing you many blessings for the new year.


I invite you to get comfy in a quiet spot, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and listen to these soothing notes as you contemplate the blessings you’d like to bring to your life in 2024.

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